New Front Load Washing Machine? How To Keep It Clean To Prevent Damage

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New Front Load Washing Machine? How To Keep It Clean To Prevent Damage

25 May 2017
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Front load washing machines are beneficial as they are easier to load and unload clothes. This is especially true if you also purchased the pedestal to sit it on because you can store all your washing detergents and other supplies in it. To keep your new washing machine running well, you need to keep it clean. Below is more information about this so you can get started.

Clean the Drain Pump Filter

You should clean the pump filter on your washing machine at least once a month. If you notice things like excessive vibrations, problems with water draining from inside the drum, and your clothes are too wet after the final spin it is time to drain the pump filter. Small pieces of fabric, hair, and other debris clogs the filter over time. You may find this filter on either side or the bottom of the washing machine.

Open the access door with a flat-head screw driver. Lay a towel on the floor below the access door. You will see a handle that you can turn when you open the access door. Turn this handle counter clockwise to remove the filter.

Let the water drain onto the towel and pull the filter out. Clean it by removing hair, pieces of fabric, and other gunk from around and on the filter. Take your filter to your kitchen sink, run hot water over it, and use a cloth to clean the sides of the filter. When it is clean, reinsert the filter, turn the handle clockwise to lock it in place and close the access door.

Clean the Door Seal

Open the door on your washing machine and you will see a rubber seal that runs around it. This seal is important as it ensures the is a tight fit when the door is closed and the washing machine is running. This should be cleaned regularly and even once a week if you use your washing machine every day. This is because gunk, such as pieces of fabric, human hair, and dog hair, can get on the seal. It will feel like sludge and have a bad odor. This could also put an odor in your clothes and mold can build up on this area.

Fortunately, it is very easy to clean the seal. Simply put a solution of half distilled white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle. Spray the seal liberally and use a rag to wipe it down. Use something like a Q-tip to get to hard to clean areas. When you are finished, dry the seal with a soft cloth.

These two tips can keep your washing machine running efficiently for you. If you do notice any problems with it, such as not cleaning your clothes properly, agitating too much, etc., you should contact the manufacturer if your washing machine is under warranty. If your washing machine is not under warranty, contact an appliance repair company such as All Appliance Service Inc a to repair the washer for you.