It's Time For A Little Spring Cleaning For Your Fridge

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It's Time For A Little Spring Cleaning For Your Fridge

23 February 2019
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The gloomy winter season can often depress your mood and make you feel like being lazy as you lounge around the house. But the arrival of spring is the perfect time to get off your behind to do a little spring cleaning. Specifically, it's time to take care of some of the home maintenance tasks you've been slacking off on.

One area of your home that you might not have cleaned up in a while is your fridge. Your refrigerator can get quite a workout during the winter, especially if you are hosting parties during the holiday season. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help get your fridge looking great again.

Throw Out the Leftovers and Get Rid of the Smell

There is a good chance that you probably still have some holiday leftovers buried at the very back of your fridge. Even if you've been good about removing Tupperware filled with old food, chances are those frequent leftovers have created a bit of an odor in your fridge.

Start by unplugging the fridge and removing all items. Then, spray down and wipe away any stains. To ensure that any lingering odors get taken care of, place an open box of baking soda in the center of your fridge before you put any food back in. Baking soda is great at neutralizing odors, and you'll likely notice a difference pretty quickly.

Clean and Inspect the Seal

Another area that might need a good cleaning is the seal along the door. This area of the fridge can sometimes get grime on it as you frequently open and shut the door during the busy holiday season. Too much grime on this area means the fridge won't seal properly, and the entire thing will have to work harder than usual to maintain the correct temperature. Wipe down the seal if needed and make sure the door closes firmly. If the seal has enough wear and tear to be a problem, contact a company that offers refrigerator repair services.

Don't Forget the Coils

After you clean the inside of the fridge and the door seal area, there's another critical spot you don't want to forget. Your fridge's coils are what actually do the work of keeping your food cooled. If you haven't cleaned them in a while, there's a good chance an abundance of dust and debris has built up in this area. With the fridge still unplugged, pull it out from the wall or open the coil compartment at the bottom. Use a feather duster to remove any dust from the coils and then put the cover and fridge back into place. 

If you encounter any troubling issues while cleaning your fridge this spring, reach out to refrigerator repair services for assistance.