Easy Solutions For A Clicking Gas Stove

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Easy Solutions For A Clicking Gas Stove

8 September 2018
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When you attempt to turn on one of your burners, you might notice that the burner simply makes a clicking noise. Sometimes, the burner will eventually ignite. In other cases, it may not ignite at all. The gas simply exits the stove. You will want to track down the root cause of the problem so that you can correct it.

Make Sure the Stove is Cool

Do not start working on appliances until the burner grates have completely cooled. Otherwise, you might risk burning your hands. Test each burner to make sure that it's only one that is struggling to ignite and not that they are all struggling. Record each burner that does not ignite. 

Check the Lockout Feature

If you discover that none of the burners will ignite and you have recently had a power outage, find out if there is a control lockout feature. There is usually the message "locked" on the display. To disable the lockout feature, power must first be restored to the appliance. Then, touch the lock key for three seconds. With some appliances, there might be a different procedure so make sure to consult the owner's manual. 

Clean the Burners

A common reason for why a gas stove will not ignite is because it has become wet or dirty. This usually results from spills that come from using the stove. It will continue to click and will not ignite until the burners have become clear. Disconnect the power and try to clean the gas burner thoroughly. By doing so, you may be able to get your gas stove functioning properly.

Check the Position of the Burner Cap and Head

The burner cap or the burner head might be in an incorrect position. The burner cap needs to match the burner head. If it is put in the right location, it will lay flat and will be securely in place. Each of these solutions are the easiest solutions to a clicking stove and other issues may require that you replace parts of the stove or make repairs to the electrical system.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can't figure out why your gas stove is not working properly. In this situation, you should contact an appliance repair technician, such as from A OK Appliance Service, who has experience working with gas stoves. Even if only one burner is not lighting, you do not want to leave this problem unsolved for too long.